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Easy Digital Mapping Tools: Affordances and Limitation

There are several easy to use mapping tools out there and these may be particularly useful for folks working on place-based projects. Unfortunately, the easier the tool, the less flexible it usually is. That doesn’t mean they aren’t valuable it just means they need to be used thoughtfully. I’ve used a few (CartoDB, Google Maps, Timemapper) and would be happy to share what I know and would love to hear about other tools and/or creative ways of using them.

Lifelong Learning and Self Awareness

How do we continue to learn so as to be our ‘best’ selves and contribute positively to society?

What do we need to learn about ourselves in order to maximize experiences of learning and teaching?

How has technology helped us–blogging, social media, etc.?

How do we include elderly people in our learning society?



Session Proposal(s)

Hi all,

I’m casting a wide net, with a heads up that I’m happy to do any, all, or none of these!

And, since this is an unconference, I’m interpreting “proposal” to my advantage and making these brief. Feel free to expand, revise, or reject in the comments.

Session: William Gibson’s Yardshow

Some of us at VCU have set ourselves the particular goal of creating the ultimate fan site for the father of Cyberpunk. What would this even look like? How can the medium fully reflect the ideals of the messenger?

Session: Interactive Fiction to Interactive Learning

How can I best use interactive fiction as a learning tool? Can I take this beyond metaphor, using interactivity in web-based narrative as a way to teach pre-disciplinary academic skills or dispositions?

Non-Session: There’s interest in a knitting group. Convene over a meal?

Registration Opens!

We’re very pleased to announce that registration is now open for THATCamp New Souths 2016.

If you want to make sure you get a t-shirt:
Register by the end of the day on April 16, 2016

Final registration deadline:
April 25, 2016

So what is it again?

It’s a THATCamp–a user-generated “unconference.”  THATCamp stands for “The Humanities and Technology Camp.”

But this THATCamp has a theme: we’re particularly interested in exploring the point(s) at which technology intersects with social justice, history and society, activism, and the sharing of hidden voices, especially in the modern American South.  THATCamp New Souths builds on and takes inspiration from similar events held elsewhere, such as THATCamp PNW 2011, which examined thetheme of technology & social justice.  The first THATCamp New Souths, held in 2014, drew on those themes and added more. We expect to draw participants from scholars, community activists, and others who study and/or are engaged in social and political action.  Those who are curious about such an approach, or are experienced with it, are especially invited to register.

When will it be?

THATCamp New Souths will be held on Friday and Saturday, April 29-30, 2016.  Details are being finalized, and we anticipate offering optional workshops on Friday afternoon, to be followed that evening by a social event, open to all THATCamp participants, at a nearby venue.

The THATCamp unconference event itself, with its participant-generated sessions and hacking opportunities, will be held on Saturday, April 30, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Where is it being held?

In Richmond, Virginia, on the campus of Virginia Commonwealth University, in James Branch Cabell Library.

Who should come?

You should!  We welcome anyone with energy and an interest in the humanities and technology. More specifically, we’re looking for those with a particular interest in our exploration of the intersection of technology with social justice, history and society, activism and the sharing of hidden voices in the modern American South. Other participants might simply have a larger interest in the humanities and/or technology. To put it another way: community activists, scholars, library staff, museum professionals, undergraduate and graduate students, programmers, archivists, developers, non-profit staffers, people from the for-profit sector, lifelong learners—all are welcome, whether experienced THATCamper or first-timer.


THATCamps are free to all who participate, and this THATCamp is proudly sponsored by VCU Libraries.

Who is pulling this event together?

The planners include the organizers of VCU Libraries’ Digital Pragmata program and other staff of the VCU Libraries—but really, this is your unconference!

Do you have further questions? Mail us at ude.ucv.stsil@l-snpmactaht!

Check back here for more news and information soon. And follow us on Twitter at @THATCampNS for updates and related content.