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Project Oriented Programming: An Introduction to Data Mining & Learning to Code

Hey all–

I have a slide deck that I’ve given before on my ideas of how to approach problem-solving with programming that I would be excited to give:  I walk through the code involved in attempting to find out of the television series Jeopardy! has gotten easier over time by crawling the web in Python.The talk should be appropriate for people completely new to code and are willing to learn or people who are already Python wizards. Hopefully this could inspire a conversation about how to involve oneself in developmental communities and the psychology of problem-solving as well!

Where does the tech we use fail us?

From the theme for this THATCamp, especially the intersection of technology with activism and sharing of hidden voices, I’d like to get a frank list of particular points how the technologies we’ve used fail us — how does a particular technology hide voices even more? how does it hinder activism? how does it homogenize populations and fail to meet the particular needs of audiences and users, especially in the modern American South?

This isn’t an anti-technology rant session — it comes from the idea that technologies aren’t neutral, and so exposing precisely where and how that comes into play in our work will help make the technologies serve us better, and might even play as a foil for understanding the activism, voices, and populations we work with even more.

If we have enough coders, we might even address some of it, or at least put together a plan for addressing it!