What’s in a Library?

Recently James Branch Cabell Library went through a long period of construction and change, with the result that we now tend to talk about this as the “new library.” Thousands of square feet of space were added, along with new features and new technologies. Some of us have never been here and some of us haven’t been here since construction ended. A fair number of us are in libraries or archives, or are library-curious! Does a library tour “count” as a THATCamp session? I have no idea, but let’s see if anyone’s interested.

2 Responses to What’s in a Library?

  1. RE the question about whether a library tour counts as a THATCamp session, I cast several votes for ‘Heck yes!’. As an unconference, if there’s interest it has legs. As a THATCamp, I walked around the library a bit today, and saw lots of places where technologies were integrated into the physical space of studying and learning. The Humanities And Technology? Hells yes! Architecture, design, technology, and learning all integrated nicely. I’d love to hear more about the choices made and how they came about in a tour.