Session Proposal(s)

Hi all,

I’m casting a wide net, with a heads up that I’m happy to do any, all, or none of these!

And, since this is an unconference, I’m interpreting “proposal” to my advantage and making these brief. Feel free to expand, revise, or reject in the comments.

Session: William Gibson’s Yardshow

Some of us at VCU have set ourselves the particular goal of creating the ultimate fan site for the father of Cyberpunk. What would this even look like? How can the medium fully reflect the ideals of the messenger?

Session: Interactive Fiction to Interactive Learning

How can I best use interactive fiction as a learning tool? Can I take this beyond metaphor, using interactivity in web-based narrative as a way to teach pre-disciplinary academic skills or dispositions?

Non-Session: There’s interest in a knitting group. Convene over a meal?